AI Glossary

What is Perplexity?

In the context of an AI text detection tool, "perplexity" means how well the AI model understands and predicts the words in a piece of text. A lower perplexity score shows that the model is more confident in its predictions, while a higher perplexity score means the model is more uncertain. Perplexity is used to determine if a text was created by a human or an AI model. If the perplexity score is different from what's expected for human-written content, it suggests that the text may be generated by an AI.

In AI text detection tools, perplexity can be used as a metric to determine if a given text was likely to be created by a human or by an AI model. If the perplexity score of a text is significantly different from what would typically be expected from human-authored content, it may indicate that the text was generated by an AI model. This can help in identifying AI-generated or manipulated text for tasks like detecting automated content creation or distinguishing between human and machine-generated content.